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Wurtzite Boron Nitride (WBN)


Wurtzite Boron Nitride (WBN)

Wurtzite boron nitride (WBN) is a metastable superhard material that is the wurtzite form of boron nitride. It is a new superabrasive made with the help of detonation operation and is the next generation in the evolution of boron nitride, after the well-known cubic boron nitride. It has extremely high hardness, and some data show that single-phase WBN may be harder than diamond, rendering it a candidate material to replace diamond. And WBN has a polycrystalline structure that provides superior cutting properties and sharpens itself by cutting. The polycrystalline structure also gives the material good thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance. Therefore, WBN as a fascinating superhard material has attracted intense interest and shows great application potential.

Typical Applications

WBN can be produced in two different particle shapes: plate and regular crystal. The applications of WBN may vary depending on the particle shape.

  • WBN with plate shape particles can be used as a raw material for sintering coarse grit polycrystalline structure powders to manufacture traditional cutting and grinding tools. And the cutting inserts made from WBN material have high shock resistant properties superior to regular polycrystalline CBN.
  • WBN with regular crystal shape particles is the perfect material for steel polishing applications, such as molds, dies, etc. In addition, it has a potential for manufacturing of advanced electronic devices, because such its properties as a wider band gap, higher thermal conductivity, and larger spontaneous polarization, are superior to gallium nitride (GaN) and aluminium nitride (AlN).

Our Products

Alfa Chemistry offers standard grade WBN and premium grade WBN to globle customer, and the product detalis are shown in below.   

ProductsStandard Grade WBNPremium Grade WBN
Order CodeWBN-1WBN-2
Chemical compositionBoron Nitride<98.00%<99.00%
Hexagonal structure Boron Nitride>3.00%<1.00%
Boron Anhydride>0.15%>0.10%
Non-determined mixtures>0.95%>0.40%
Physical dataAppearance (dry state)Light gray
Particle size0-10 µm. Fine graded powder is available.
Specific surface7 m2/g
StructurePolycrystalline, with block size < 0.1 µm
Product Parameters

Alfa Chemistry is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of superhard material, and we provide you with a wide range of high-quality WBN powders, including standard grade WBN powder and premium grade WBN powder. Our WBN powder is produced using the latest manufacturing techniques and equipment, ensuring consistent quality and performance. If the product you need is not in our product catalog, we can also customize the product according to your needs. Please feel free to contact us, if necessary.

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