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Resin Bond Diamond


The resin bond diamond (RBD) is mutil-stalline diamond superhard abrasive specially produced for resin bond abrasives, which is composed of many subcrystals with embedded structure. In most cases, the resin binder system is phenolic resin or polyimide resin. In special cases, special resin binder and suitable additives may be used make the resin bond diamond more widely applicable. Resin bond diamond has irregular crystal shape, rough surface, excellent brittleness and excellent self-sharpening.


The excellent quality of high grinding efficiency, long life and high finish provides the best performance for resin bond abrasives, the details are as follows:

  • Extremely high grinding efficiency and abrasive utilization: Under a certain grinding force, multicrystal particles are easy to fracture along the interface between subgrains. After the small abrasive subgrains are separated from the crystal particles, the new irregular shape subgrains form sharp edge angles on the crystal surface, thus showing a very high grinding efficiency and abrasive utilization efficiency.
  • High surface finish: Due to the uniform brittleness of resin bond diamond, the surface will not produce scratches and burn marks.
  • Long life: Due to rough surfaces of resin bond diamond, the crystal particles are very easy to be grasped by the bonding agent.


RBD is suitable for the processing of the following materials.

  • Cemented carbide: cutting and grinding tools, wire drawing dies, etc.
  • Ceramics: silicon nitride, porcelain, alumina, silicon carbide, glass, etc.

Our Products

Our resin bond diamond can be divided into resin bond diamond micron powder and resin bond monocrystalline diamond, the details are as follows:

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Resin Bond Diamond
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