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Alfa Chemistry is a professional company engaged in the production and research and development of single crystal, polycrystalline and micro powder of synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN). We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and personalized services. Product and technology research and development (R&D) has always been a top priority in the company's operations, and we have invested a lot of money, facilities and people to this end. Currently, with strong R&D strength and capabilities, Alfa Chemistry has established itself as a leading manufacturer of superhard materials with excellent performance, consistency, competitive pricing and timely delivery.

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Drug and Research
Drug and Research

First-class R&D Team

Alfa Chemistry's R&D team is consisted of professionals with doctoral and master's degrees in chemistry and materials design who have accumulated a rich theoretical and practical foundation in the field of superhard materials and have many years of research and development experience. The highly experienced team of scientists, engineers and technicians is committed to refining and enhancing our existing synthetic diamond and CBN solutions and developing innovative new technologies for the future.

Advanced R&D Laboratories and Equipment

Alfa Chemistry has its own R&D center, and all of R&D activities are staffed by experienced professionals working in state-of-the-art research and testing laboratories. These laboratories include a complete material design and synthesis laboratory and a fully instrumented test laboratory. Production equipment and testing equipment include but are not limited to diamond synthesis equipment, diamond crushing equipment, automatic classification equipment, screening equipment, ICP analyzer, scanning electron microscopy, topography analyzer, laser particle size analyzer, electron microscope, Raman spectrum, etc. Advanced laboratories and equipment enable us product to develop, characterize and evaluate of a wide range of materials.

Cooperative Study

Alfa Chemistry values collaboration study with the goal of further deepening the understanding of the capabilities of superhard materials, which is an important part of our R&D. Today, we have established close cooperation with leading universities, research institutions and companies to further improve our R&D strength.

Cooperative Study

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Core Technologies

Experienced professionals, state-of-the-art research and testing facilities and cooperative study enable Alfa Chemistry to master a wide range of core technologies, to name just a few.

  • Ultra-high temperature and high pressure synthesis: The synthesis of synthetic diamond and CBN is an extremely complex process that needs to be carried out under ultra-high temperature and high pressure. To achieve the synthesis of high-quality products under ultra-high temperature and pressure, Alfa Chemistry has made continuous improvements in the raw and auxiliary materials selection, synthesis process optimization, synthesis equipment improvement and control. At present, we have realized and mastered the high-pressure high-temperature preparation of various types of diamond and CBN.
  • Micropowder production process control: Ultrafine and high-strength diamond micropowder and CBN micropowder are important part in our business. Particle size, shape, strength and purity are the several key characteristics that affect the quality of micropowder. However, these core technologies have been fully mastered by us and a brief introduction is as follows. To overcome the inaccurate measurement problem of irregular and long particles, Alfa Chemistry adopts a dual detection method combining laser particle size analyzer and microscope inspection to test large particles and long particles, which has a good effect on the size distribution of micro-powder and the control of large and long particles. The strength of the micropowder is mainly controlled by controlling the strength of the raw material which is judged by the TI and TTI values. The purity of micropowder is controlled by selecting high purity raw materials, pretreatment of raw materials, purification of crushing materials and etc.