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Quality Control

Quality Control

At Alfa Chemistry, providing consistently quality products is our fundamental commitment. Since its establishment, we have taken quality as the foundation of enterprise development. At present, we have established a sound quality control system and successfully gained the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. Based on supplying the quality products, our company has built a good reputation.

Efforts for Quality Control

In order to maintain our rigid quality standards, Alfa Chemistry made great efforts. First of all, Alfa Chemistry has established a quality management team to continuously improve the quality awareness and the application ability of quality tools and methods of all staff through training. Secondly, our company is equipped with advanced production equipment, and on this basis, we continue to optimize and upgrade the production process. In addition, the company has purchased complete and advanced testing instruments, such as high-power microscopy, particle morphology analyzer, laser particle size analyzer, scanning electron microscopy, TI test device, TTI test device, etc. to detect particle shape, particle size distribution, impurity content and mechanical properties in strict accordance with standards. Finally, we established all relevant documents and records as required, and improved product packaging and shipping measures.

Through a series of measures, Alfa Chemistry has achieved comprehensive quality control from raw material supply, production process, final product, to packaging and transportation, ensuring the stability and consistency of product quality. And we have possessed produce non-standard products according to customer needs.
Here, Alfa Chemistry invites you to learn more about our quality control measures of production processes, products inspection, and packaging and transportation.

Efforts for Quality Control

Over the years, our products and services have been highly recognized by new and old customers around the world. Facing the future, on the one hand, we will strengthen the innovation ability and continue to optimize the products, on the other hand, we will continue to improve and enhance the quality management level based on the different needs of customers, to create greater value for customers.

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