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Products Quality Inspection

Products Quality Inspection

The quality of final products of diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) directly affects the quality of superhard tools, and their related applications. In order to guarantee the best product quality and product consistency, Alfa Chemistry performs a variety of standard tests through a rigorous multi-point quality inspection process to ensure that our products meet or exceed customer expectations. Our test center has installed and equipped a variety of advanced test equipment to test the following properties of our products.


Toughness Index (TI)

This test is to determine the relative strength of the particles. Alfa Chemistry uses TI test device to perform this test. The core principle of this test is to determine the particle size after the material is subjected to controlled crushing. In general, the criterion is that the more particles stay at their original size, the higher the strength of the original crystal.


Thermal Toughness Index (TTI)

The test is friability test after thermal impact, and is to determine the stability of products at elevated temperature. Alfa Chemistry uses TTI test device to perform the test. The core principle of this test is the same as TI, however the product is heated prior to controlled crushing. Heating may cause the crystal to break up or to damage the surface and edges. Thus, the tough original crystal will yield lower percentages of fine size.


Bulk Density

The test is to determine the density of the material. At Alfa Chemistry, the test is conducted by weighing the amount of material required to fill a known volume. Bulk density provides a relationship between the average shape, smoothness of particles and specific weights.


Size Analysis

The test is to determine the size of particles. At Alfa Chemistry, all mesh powders are sieved according to FEPA/ASTM standard sieving procedures using precision electroformed sieves (FEPA, ANSI B74.16 and ISO 6106). For micron powders, a variety of instruments are available. And the size distribution is mainly tested by Malwan Mastersizer 2000 laser particle size analyzer which is the equipment of choice when measuring particles in the range 0-10 microns.


Shape Analysis

The test is to determine the shape of particles and crystals. Alfa Chemistry mainly uses IST AG, DiaShape to determine them. The shape quality check includes ellipticity, crystallinity, roughness, transparency and average size. In addition, scanning electron microscope (SEM), microscope and others are also used in this test.



The test is to determine the purity of product. Impurities in diamond and CBN create undesirable properties. Alfa Chemistry uses Raman spectroscopy, inductively coupled plasma (ICP) or the simple combustion weight loss method to inspect the impurity and impurity content of every product.


Color Index

The test is to determine the color of diamond and CBN particles to insure color consistency of diamond and CBN specimens. Alfa Chemistry uses a light diffractometer to determine the exact color of all specimen. If the specimens are not within the range of tolerances, batches are rejected.


Visual Aspects

The test is to determine various visual appearances. At Alfa Chemistry, the diamond and CBN are checked under a stereo microscope with different illuminations (light intensities) to examine shape, structure, color and degree of inclusions.

Through the above tests, we expect to provide customers with quality products with:

  • Very narrow particle size distribution
  • Uniform particle shape
  • Exceptional purity

quality products

  • Unparalleled performance
  • Excellent color consistency
  • Other special quality requirements
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