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Production Process Control

Production Process Control

High quality products are produced, not inspected. Therefore, product process control is very important. Process control can ensure that product quality meets the requirements of performance and function specified in relevant standards, so as to reduce the risk of delivery of unqualified products, and promote the improvement of product pass rate. Alfa Chemistry is well aware of this, so we are working to improve our production processes from the aspects of product production, product traceability, anomaly control and people management.

01 Optimized the Production Process

In industry, synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride are respectively made by carbon (such as graphite) and hexagonal boron nitride as raw materials using instantaneous static or dynamic ultra-high pressure and ultra-high temperature technology. In the synthesis process, raw materials, catalysts and synthesis conditions all affect the quality of the product. Alfa Chemistry uses high quality raw materials such as boron-containing graphite and spectral pure graphite and high crystallisation hexagonal boron nitride, selects suitable catalyst materials, and accurately controls the synthesis pressure and temperature through relevant technical means, to ensure the quality of products.

Optimized the Production Process
Each Batch of Goods Traceable

02 Each Batch of Goods Traceable

In the manufacturing process, after the completion of any process, the status and parameters of products in each process, operators and other information will be accurately recorded as required. At the same time, each batch of products is given an independent identification code according to the standard, and then entered into the system for monitoring to ensure that any abnormal situation can be traced.

03 Perfect Production Abnormal Control

In the production, once any parameter abnormality or process status is found to be inconsistent with the standard, the abnormal control process will be started to avoid the unqualified products coming into the finished product stage by making special identification for products with abnormal process which distinguishes them from normal products.

Perfect Production Abnormal Control
Improved Technical Level of Production Personnel

04 Improved Technical Level of Production Personnel

The technical level of production personnel also affects the quality of the product. Alfa Chemistry improves the technical level of production personnel and reduces the possibility of product defects by examining and training the operating skill level of employees from time to time, including the working attitude, the working level and the quality awareness.

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