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Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN)

Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN)

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is the second kind of superhard material prepared after synthetic diamond. PCBN is sintered by suitable size CBN single crystal powder at high temperature and pressure with or without binder. It is widely used in manufacturing turning tool, milling cutter, boring cutter, high speed cutting all kinds of hardened steel, high hardness cast iron, thermal spraying materials and high temperature alloy and other difficult cutting materials.


  • High hardness and wear resistance: with hardness (HV10000) and bending strength (210 ~ 490MPa) close to diamond, the smaller the average particle size of CBN, the higher the durability.
  • High thermal stability: the heat resistance can reach 1400℃ ~ 1500℃, which is twice higher than that of diamond. It can be used for high-speed cutting of superalloy and hardened steel.
  • Excellent chemical properties: high chemical inertia, can be used for diamond can not be processed steel materials. High oxidation resistance, no oxidation phenomenon occurs when the temperature is below 1000℃.
  • Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN)
  • Good thermal conductivity: thermal conductivity increases gradually with the increase of cutting speed, which is conducive to reducing the temperature of the cutting zone and reducing diffusion wear.
  • Lower friction coefficient: the friction coefficient of different materials is 0.1 ~ 0.3, much smaller than the friction coefficient of cemented carbide (0.4 ~ 0.6).
  • High bending strength: PCBN and cemented carbide with high bending strength composite sheet, its bending strength increased to 1500 MPa (150 kg·f/mm2), can withstand greater impact without damage.


Our Products

(size μm)
PCBN-1451Continuous turning It gives an exceptional surface finish to workpiece and provides toughness to cutting tools
PCBN-2501-2Suitable for all kinds of hard cutting and has excellent effects on continuous and medium intermittent cutting. It is recommended for processing hardened steel.
PCBN-3551, 3For finishing and super-finishing the chilled steel with HRC55-65 like bearing steel, tool steel, mold steel, gauge steel and HSS.
PCBN-4601, 3, 4For finishing and super-finishing the chilled steel with HRC55-62 like bearing steel, tool steel, mold steel, gauge steel and HSS.
PCBN-5651, 4Finish machining difficult grey cast irons (milling) and hardened steels
PCBN-6703, 4, 5Precise processing of hardened steel, intermittent cutting
PCBN-7756-8Suitable for processing a variety of powder metallurgy materials, suitable for the efficient processing of hardened steel with hardness greater than HRC45
PCBN-8803, 4, 5For rough processing and semi-processing alloy cast iron, high nickel chrome, high chrome iron and chilled steel with hardness HRC45-50.
PCBN-9854, 6-8Suitable for processing various types of materials, continuous and moderately interrupted cutting of cast iron, hardened steel.
PCBN-10≥90variety of sizesSuitable for high-speed rough machining of various ferrous metals with excellent processing performance.
※ Products can be processed according to customer requirements square, square, triangle, diamond, fan and semicircle and other non- standard products.

Our Advantages

  • Multiple grades of PCBN blanks can support a wide range of applications
  • Strict quality management system to ensure the consistency of quality
  • Strong technical support, customized research and development of PCBN and services
  • High cost performance, easy to process, excellent performance, high wear resistance, strong stability
Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN)

※ As a professional supplier of CBN products, Alfa Chemistry provides you with the above high-quality PCBN products, and can also be customized according to your needs if you need.

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