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Packing and Shipping


As a professional and responsible supplier, Alfa Chemistry understands how important it is to get your order delivered safely. Most companies may invest a lot of time and energy to ensure that the product is of the highest quality, and often neglect the packaging and transportation of the product, thus resulting in bad results or even resulting in a decline in product quality and customer experience. For example, the product is crushed or damaged during transportation, the related labels are difficult to identify, the product is damp and so on. Alfa Chemistry not only provides high quality products, but also excellent packaging and shipping service. As part of our quality control, we ensure that products are packed and shipped to customers in a controlled environment, minimizing damage and some unnecessary hassling during transportation. To this end, we have done the following aspects of work.

Packing and Shipping

01 Release Record

Release Record

  • In order to better serve customers, Alfa Chemistry has specially implemented the customer order tracking plan. Each batch of goods sent to the customer has a detailed delivery record and keep the sample. Thus, we can quickly check the production, inspection and raw materials of this batch of products, and repeat the inspection of any batch of products at any time.

02 Packaging


  • Usually, our packaging uses plastic bottles or plastic bags with good light transmission, so that customers can observe the color and appearance of the product from the outside of the packaging, and then uses cardboard boxes or wooden boxes to do the outer packaging. The plastic bottles (plastic bags) in the box are separated by cardboard to avoid collision. The package is clearly and firmly marked the trademark, factory name, variety, grade, particle size, weight, batch number and other information, and is accompanied by a certificate of qualification.
    In addition, if the customer has special packaging requirements, you can directly contact our service consultant and we will try our best to meet customer requirements.
  • Before packaging, we will conduct the carton drop test, which is an experiment that helps ensure that the packaging of the product can withstand the rigorous requirements of transportation and handling. When the carton drop test is performed, the carton will be lifted to a certain height, which is determined by the weight of the carton. The carton is then dropped onto a solid surface—such as a concrete floor—from different angles to ensure that the packaging quality is not compromised and the product inside does not get damaged.

03 Shipping


  • Alfa Chemistry offers a variety of transportation options (air, sea and land) for each customer from all over the world. No matter which way of transport you choose, our customer consultants will advise you and help you to choose the suitable way of your product that is safety and cost saving.
  • During transportation, we will take appropriate measures to strictly prohibit vibration, rollover, heavy pressure on the product, and avoid moisture and theft of the product.


04 More

  • For every order of every customer, a dedicated customer manager will be responsible for helping customers solve all the problems in the packaging and transportation of product.
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