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Medical Field


Medical Field

The medical field plays a vital role in the society development, and its development is of great significance for the health, economy and society stability. With the development of medical technology, higher requirements are put forward for the variety and quality of medical materials. But this is an opportunity for diamond materials, because it opens up a new market for diamond materials applications. As we all know, diamond as the most famous superhard material has been known for its hardness and wear resistance. It has been used as a raw material for superhard tool in mechanical processing for hundreds of years. In recent years, because it also has good stability and biocompatibility, it is used to prepare ultra-sharp blades or is plated on medical surgical knives to increase tool life and performance. In addition, the excellent properties also make diamond can be used as a coating in human implant materials, and can also be used as a target material for drug delivery, cell markers, etc.


  • Medical tools: Surgical knife for tissue removal has high requirements for hardness, wear resistance, stability and biocompatibility of the materials. Diamond material can not only meet the relevant requirements, but also the extrusion and tearing of the surgical site by the diamond tool are small, and the wound edges are neat and easy to heal. Diamond materials can be used to prepare diamond surgical tools with different blade structures according to specific needs, and nowadays various diamond surgical tools have been used in ophthalmology department (It can be used for small incision cataract intraocular lens implantation, vitrectomy, keratoplasty, glaucoma surgery, radial keratotomy and so on), neurosurgery department (It can be used for neurosurgery vascular surgery, plastic surgery, etc.), orthopedics department (bone tissue removal), stomatology department (It can be used for drilling and grinding of teeth) and tissue slice.

Medical tools

Medical materials

  • Medical materials: Diamond materials also have good applications in medical implants. For example, nanodiamond has the characteristics of both diamond and nanomaterials, and it can be coated on resin and pure titanium composite materials to prepare ideal oral material. The corrosion resistance of this oral material in the artificial saliva simulated environment can reach the oral medical materials standard. It also can be coated on the cobalt chromium alloy and pure titanium denture material surface to improve the mechanical and thermodynamic properties of the denture, repair the surface morphology of the denture and improve biocompatibility of the denture. Moreover, nanodiamond can be used as a coating material for artificial joints. Compared with traditional metal polymer implants, nanodiamond coated artificial joints wear slightly and is basically no debris.
  • Pharmaceutical field: The main diamond material in the pharmaceutical field is modified nanodiamond. The crystal surface of modified nanodiamond has many functional groups, which can be combined with drugs in covalent or non-covalent bonds, delivering drugs to target cells and target organs, and can also be used for the protein separation. Nanodiamond also has the properties of chemical stability, non-toxic and non-light bleaching, but it can produce fluoresce. This makes nanodiamonds more suitable for cell labeling than other fluorescent markers.

Meet Alfa Chemistry

Meet Alfa Chemistry

At Alfa Chemistry, we are committed to providing the highest quality superhard materials and services to meet the needs of medical industry. We have successfully developed various superhard products including single crystalline diamond, nanodiamond and many others. These products and the tools made by them have great application potential in the medical industry and are suitable for different segments. With our advanced products and unparalleled expertise, we are confident that we can provide superior diamond products solution for the medical industry and help our customers gain a competitive advantage in the market with higher product performance and lower production costs to achieve their goals.

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