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Large Single Crystal Diamond


Large Single Crystalline Diamond

Large single crystal diamond refers to the diamond with diameter greater than 1.0 mm. The large single crystal diamond has many excellent characteristics such as high thermal conductivity, high hardness, high transparency under visible and infrared light, high refractive coefficient, low thermal expansion coefficient, low friction coefficient and chemical and radioactive inertness, which can give diamond full play to functional characteristics and then broaden the application range.


Cutting tools

Cutting tools

Large single crystal diamond can be used to manufacture grinding wheel dressing tools, gem processing tools, precious metal processing tools, single crystal drawing die and other precision processing tools, also can be used as a cutter to make ultra-thin slices of biological tissue (only a few tens of nanometers thick).

Optical materials

Optical materials

Large single crystal diamond is an excellent optical material. For example, the window made of large single crystal diamond has been used for fast Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) analysis and the resistance of diamond to acid, alkali and solvent has expanded the samples variety of FT-IR analysis.

Electronic devices

Electronic devices

Large single crystal diamond has a wide band gap and a strong sp3 chemical bond, which can lock carbon atoms firmly on the lattice and is not easy to be dislocated by impact. They can be made into radiation-resistant devices that can work in strong radiation environments such as spacecraft and nuclear reactors.

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