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Large Single Crystal Diamond Plate


Large Single Crystal Diamond PlateBSCD-6
Large Single Crystalline Diamond Plates

Our large single crystal diamond plate has high purity, good thermal conductivity, good thermal stability, good chemical stability and good impact toughness. It can grind out extremely sharp edge, is the most ideal ultra-precision cutting tool material. As a tool material, its performances are far more than carbide diamond composite tool materials and comparable with natural diamond tool materials, therefore it is the new favorite tool materials in the new period.

BSCD-6 series products are the ideal material for precision machining in automobile, machine tool, bearing, tool, hydraulic and other industries, it also can be used in aerospace, optical materials, jewelry processing, watches, instruments, instrument manufacturing, fiber optic cable infrared and other high-tech fields.

Size Chart of BSCD-6

Product Specification: Long x wide x high (mm)

In addition, Alfa Chemistry also can provide square, rectangle, round, triangle and other large single crystal diamond plates according to different crystal direction, dimension, thickness, purity, angle and application range.

Alfa Chemistry offers you plenty of large single crystal diamond plates. Our series of products with high quality have a wide range of specifications that can meet your any need. If the products you look for are not in our catalog we would be pleased to offer our custom synthesis service. We make the custom synthesis process more efficient and cost effective while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any requirements.

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