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Lab Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds have history of decades, and scientists have improved their manufacturing methods so that synthetic diamonds look exactly like natural ones. At first, lab-grown diamonds were mainly used for industrial purposes such as cutting tools, but as production techniques matured, they stood out in the jewelry market with low costs and the ability to produce diamonds in a variety of colors.

Lab-grown Diamonds Synthesis Methods Lab-grown Diamonds Synthesis Methods

UPHT (Ultrahigh Pressure High Temperature synthesis method): The use of water pressure to provide high pressure, electricity to produce high temperature, so that carbon around the diameter of 1 mm, made of natural diamond seed crystal.


PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition): Gas and nitrogen are heated in the pressure chamber to form a carbon plasma deposited on the carbon substrate at the bottom of the pressure chamber, and gradually accumulated and hardened to form diamond flakes, which are then cut into the shape of gemstones.

What We Can Do What We Can Do

As a professional lab-grown diamond supplier, we offer our customers a wide selection of high quality lab-grown diamonds. Our products are manufactured with high quality raw materials and sophisticated technology and meet established quality standards. The size is complete and the price is reasonable.

We can provide all the basic shapes of the products

※ We can provide all the basic shapes of the products

diamond products
diamond products

All of our laboratory diamond products are graded according to the same parameters and specifications as mined diamonds. After receiving your order request, we can also provide customized processing services for you according to your needs, committed to providing you with the correct products and services you really need.

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※ Alfa Chemistry's products can be customized according to customer requirements. For stock, specifications and other specific information, please contact sales consulting.

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