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Electronic & Electric Appliance Industry


Electronic and Electric Appliance Industry

Electronic & electrical appliance industry refers to the industry that produces and sells various electronic devices and electrical equipment based on electronic technology. In modern society, the products of the electronic & electrical appliance industry have penetrated into all aspects of people's lives, involving various fields, including communication, entertainment, home, medical care, transportation and so on. Diamond, as the most popular superhard material, plays an increasingly important role in modern industry. It has proved itself the most efficient material for the shaping and fashioning of a wide range of materials normally extremely difficult to machine with an extremely high degree of accuracy. The electronic & electric appliance industry is no exception, perhaps it is difficult to link together. In electronic & electrical industry, one of the most important uses of diamond is in the wire drawing industry, where it can be used to produce a variety of wire conductor with diameter, and only diamond is able to produce the finer gauges of wire. Another use of diamond is can be used to process electrical insulators.


  • Drawing of wire: Wire drawing die is an important production tool for metal wire, which can make the metal wire from thick to fine, and gradually reach the size that people need. Probably one of the oldest and best known applications of diamond in the electronic & electric appliance industry is as a wire drawing die for making metal wires. Because it can withstand high pressure, friction, several hundred degrees of high temperature and is not easy to wear and deformation, diamond wire drawing die can produce various wire wires with diameters from millimeter to micron with accuracy of 1-2 microns in electronic & electric appliance industry. For example, drawing platinum wire, tungsten wire, and ultra-fine copper wire with micron diameters. At present, natural diamond, synthetic monocrystalline diamond and synthetic polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and CVD diamond materials can be used for the preparation of wire drawing dies. Among them, natural diamond wire drawing die and synthetic monocrystalline diamond wire drawing die are similar, both with excellent quality, hardness, accuracy and long service life, which can produce precision wire of excellent surface finish. They are the ideal choice for the manufacture of fine steel wire and ultra-fine wire. PCD wire drawing dies are ideal for long production runs and drawing wear-resistant wire because they are more durable than natural diamond and synthetic single crystal diamond wire drawing dies, providing uniform hardness in all directions and increased wear resistance. CVD diamond wire drawing die is very compatible with the advantages of natural diamond and PCD.

Drawing of Wire

Insulator machining

  • Insulator machining: Machining and cutting the ferrite magnetic materials and some insulating materials (such as fabroil, epoxy fiber board and others) used in the electronic & electric appliance often occur many problems such as burns, poor roughness, inaccurate size, many wastes. The chip grinding wheel made by diamond materials solves the above problems well and shows high efficiency. In addition, it can also be used to process high-aluminum ceramic insulators, such as high-voltage electrical porcelain containing 35% corundum, which is impossible to complete by other superhard materials such as silicon carbide.

Meet Alfa Chemistry

Meet Alfa Chemistry

At Alfa Chemistry, we are committed to providing the highest quality superhard materials and services to meet the needs of electronic & electric appliance industry. We have successfully developed various single crystal diamond, polycrystalline diamond and CVD diamond wire drawing dies, and also provide high quality diamond products for grinding wheel. With our advanced products and unparalleled expertise, we are confident that we can provide superior diamond drawing die and diamond products for the electronic & electrical appliance industry and help our customers gain a competitive advantage in the market with higher product performance and lower production costs to achieve their goals.

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