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Diamond Slurry & Suspensions


Diamond Slurry and Suspensions

Diamond slurries and diamond suspensions are abrasive materials consisting of diamond particles suspended in a liquid medium, used in various polishing and lapping applications. The two are very similar (some people even treat the two as the same product), and the primary difference lies in the size and uniformity of the abrasive particles. Diamond suspensions typically contain smaller and more uniform particles, thus providing greater precision during polishing and grinding. Synthetic diamond can be roughly divided into monocrystalline diamond, polycrystalline diamond and nano diamond, so diamond slurries and suspensions can also be divided into monocrystalline diamond slurries and suspensions, polycrystalline diamond slurries and suspensions, and nano diamond slurries and suspensions. In addition, according to the different liquid medium, they can also be divided into water-based diamond slurries and suspensions, oil-based diamond slurries and suspensions, and emulsion based diamond slurries and suspensions.


Diamond slurries and diamond suspensions find applications in diverse industries and processes:


  • Semiconductor manufacturing: Silicon wafers are key components in semiconductor manufacturing. Diamond slurries and suspensions are excellent for polishing silicon wafers to create a flat, defect-free surface for integrated circuits.
  • LED industry: Sapphire is the main substrate material for LED chips, and it needs to be thinned and polished during processing. However, the hardness of sapphire is extremely high, and ordinary abrasives are difficult to process it. Diamond slurries and suspensions have a very high grinding rate and high quality machining surface, so they are widely used in the thinning and polishing of sapphire substrates.
  • Optical glass and gemstone processing: Optical glass and gemstones have high requirements for processing precision. Diamond slurries and suspensions can be used to polish optical glass and other optical materials to produce lenses, mirrors and prisms with high clarity and precision and they can also be used to produce fine gemstone products.

Machining industry

  • Machining industry: Diamond slurries and suspensions are special tools for grinding cemented carbide. They can not only improve the grinding rate, but also quickly remove the large amount of heat generated during the grinding process, so as to avoid the workpiece surface being burned.
  • Metallography: Diamond suspension is utilized in metallographic sample preparation to polish metal specimens for microscopic examination, enabling accurate analysis of grain structure and defects.
  • Others: Diamond slurries and suspensions can also be used in ceramics and hard materials, bearings and mechanical parts, aircraft components, medical devices, etc.

Our Products

Alfa Chemistry offers various water-based or oil-based diamond slurries and diamond suspensions for different uses, and they can be manufactured with single crystal diamond, polycrystalline diamond, polycrystalline-like diamond, and nano diamond. All our products can be supplied in virtually any concentration, particle size, formulation or container size. Please click the links below to learn more about our products.


At Alfa Chemistry, all water-based or oil-based diamond slurries and diamond suspensions have comprehensive specifications and the highest quality that can meet different needs. At present, our products have been found in various industries around the world, and have created great benefits for our global customers. Alfa Chemistry is proud to offer you with diamond slurries and diamond suspensions. If you cannot find the suitable product, we are happy to provide custom service. If you need any help, please contact us.

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