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Diamond Raw & Auxiliary Materials


Diamond Raw and Auxiliary Materials

Since the advent of synthetic diamond in the early 1950s, it has been rapidly developed in the world. At present, synthetic diamond has become one of the most vibrant and promising pillar industries in the field of high-tech new materials in the world. There are many methods for synthetic diamond, but static high temperature and high pressure catalyst method is still the most common method. In this method, many factors affect the synthetic quality of diamond, thereinto, pressure transmitting medium, catalyst, carbon source as the raw and auxiliary materials of synthetic diamond are the most important.

The Major Raw & Auxiliary Materials of Synthetic Diamond

  • Graphite: As raw material for synthetic diamond, graphite can be converted into synthetic diamond under the condition of high temperature and high pressure by press equipment. The particle size of graphite, graphitization degree, purity and other requirements directly affects the various indicators of synthetic diamond.
  • Catalyst powder: Catalyst powder can reduce the reaction activation energy and promote the transformation of graphite into diamond. In the absence of catalyst powder, the transition temperature of graphite to diamond is about 2000 ℃and the pressure is 15-20 GPa. In the presence of catalyst powder, the conversion temperature and pressure can be greatly reduced to about 1300 ℃and 5-6 GPa, respectively.
  • Pyrophyllite and dolomite: Pyrophyllite and dolomite products act as sealing pressure transmission medium to ensure uniform and effective pressure transmission in the process of synthetic diamond, while providing good thermal insulation performance.

Our Products

Alfa Chemistry is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of diamond products, and we can provide high-quality diamond raw and auxiliary materials to help you make the perfect diamond material. Our products include graphite material, diamonds catalyst powder, pyrophyllite block, dolomite cup and others. If the products you look for are not in our catalog we would be pleased to offer our custom synthesis service. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any requirements.

Diamond Raw and Auxiliary Materials

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