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Diamond Paste


Diamond Paste

Diamond paste is a kind of paste made of diamond micro-powder abrasive and paste binder, which belongs to soft abrasive tool. Among them, the diamond paste binder has two kinds of oil soluble and water soluble, playing a lubricating and cooling role, and the diamond powder has high strength and uniform particle size, playing the role of grinding. Diamond paste is used to grind hard and brittle materials, such as glass, ceramics, gems, hard alloy, as well as other high hardness material products of measuring tools, cutting tools, optical instruments and other workpiece, in order to obtain high surface finish. The grinding of diamond paste is characterized by continuous rolling of abrasive in the process, resulting in two functions of extrusion and cutting, so that the convex and concave surface gradually smooth.


According to the type of binder, diamond paste is divided into water-soluble diamond paste and oil-soluble diamond paste. Oil-soluble diamond paste has good wettability, small grinding force and grinding heat, which is mainly used for processing high finish carbide, and high hard alloy parts, instruments, measuring tools, cutting tools, abrasives and so on. Water-soluble diamond paste has low viscosity and high processing efficiency, which is mainly used for processing metal, circuit board, glass, ceramics, gems, agate and other non-metallic hard and brittle material products. In addition, according to the type of diamond powder used, diamond paste can also be divided into polycrystalline diamond paste and monocrystalline diamond paste.

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Alfa Chemistry's diamond paste is made of high quality diamond powder, supplemented with various additives, through mixing and dispersion. The products are divided into monocrystalline diamond paste and polycrystalline diamond paste, which can achieve ideal polishing effect for different material devices and process requirements.

Alfa Chemistry is an industry leader in superhard materials, specializing in diamond pastes. Our monocrystalline diamond paste and polycrystalline diamond paste have a wide range of specifications which can serve your various demands. If you cannot find the suitable product, we are happy to provide custom service. If you need any help, please contact us.

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