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Diamond Lapping Products


Diamond Lapping Products

In the manufacturing process of machining, powder metallurgy, metal casting, electronic appliances, medical devices, aerospace, jewelry, instrumentation and other industries, we will encounter the issues of surface treatment, such as thinning, grinding and polishing. Diamond lapping products are often used to solve such problems, because diamond has a very high hardness and sharp edge that has a good grinding and polishing effect on different hardness materials. In addition, diamond lapping products also have the characteristics of long grinding life, high cutting ability, less abrasive consumption, and basically no deformation on the surface of the sample.

At present, the common diamond lapping products include diamond slurry and suspension, diamond paste, diamond gel and diamond spray, and these products are composed of different types of diamond micro-powder and various chemical carriers.

Typical Diamond Lapping Products

  • Diamond slurry: Diamond slurry consists of diamond powder, composite dispersant and dispersion medium. The formula of diamond slurry is diversified, which can cope with different grinding and polishing process of workpiece, and has strong applicability. Therefore, it is widely used in the grinding and polishing of metal and non-metal hard materials, and plays important role in semiconductor manufacturing, LED industry, optical glass and gemstone processing, machining industry, metallography, ceramics and hard materials and other industries.
  • Diamond paste: Diamond paste is a soft grinding tool, made of precision graded diamond powder and some binders (such as stearic acid, paraffin, etc.). Diamond paste, which can be divided into water-soluble paste and oil-soluble paste, has good lubrication and cooling properties. It is mainly used for polishing circuit board, glass, ceramics, gems, agate and other non-metallic hard and brittle material products.
  • Diamond gel: Diamond gel is composed of diamond powder and gel matrix. It combines the advantages of both diamond paste and slurry and is commonly used for large surface polishing.
  • Diamond spray: Diamond spray is a suspension made of diamond powder, wetting agent and distilled water, usually sealed in a pressure tank. By pressing the button on the top of the tank, the suspension is sprayed in an even mist onto the surface of the object that needs to be polished, such as fabric and leather.

Our Products

As technology continues to change, Alfa Chemistry is constantly developing new diamond products to meet specific requirements. Today, we offer a wide range of diamond lapping products, including diamond slurry & suspensions, diamond paste and diamond gel. Each product is available in a variety of specifications, and each product can be developed in a specific formulation according to the customer's needs.

Diamond Slurry and Suspensions

Diamond Paste

Diamond Gel

Our diamond lapping products are made from the highest quality diamond powder and high purity chemicals, all of which have the following characteristics:

  • Optimal stock removal and surface treatment
  • Precise diamond powder grading and shape to maximize performance
  • High quality and consistency of performance
  • Safe to use and friendly to the environment
Product Parameters

Alfa Chemistry is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of diamond products, and we provide you with a wide range of diamond lapping products, including diamond slurry & suspensions, diamond paste and diamond gel. All products have a comprehensive range of specifications to meet your various needs. These products can be made by incorporated different types of diamond powder (such as synthetic or natural, monocrystalline or polycrystalline powder) in a wide range of chemical carriers, to suit the different applications. Please feel free to contact us, if necessary.

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