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CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Diamond


CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) diamond: The mixture of carbon-containing gas (such as methane) and hydrogen is decomposed under high temperature and below standard atmosphere pressure to form plasma carbon atoms, which are deposited on the matrix and grow into polycrystalline diamond (or single crystal or quasi single crystal by controlling the deposition growth conditions).

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Diamond
CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Diamond

CVD diamond is widely used in heat dissipation equipment of high power density electronic equipment, high-precision cutting tools, high-efficiency grinding wheel dressing tools and wear-resisting equipment. Because CVD diamond does not contain any metallic and nonmetallic bonds, most of its properties are similar or identical single crystal diamonds.

CVD Technical features

  • Synthesis of high melting point materials at low temperature
  • There are single crystal, polycrystal, powder, film and other precipitation forms
  • It can be coated not only on the substrate, but also on the powder surface

Characteristics of CVD diamond

Characteristics of CVD diamond

  • High hardness and wear resistance
  • Low deposition temperature
  • Film composition is easy to control
  • Good uniformity and repeatability
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Good thermal stability and long service life


Alfa Chemistry’s products:

  • Industrial grade CVD diamond large single crystal series: 1-12mm, with excellent machining performance, high hardness, high life, high wear resistance.
  • CVD Diamond Plate: Optical grade single crystal diamond plates, typical diamond birefringence. Guaranteed to have no high strain (color) features present.
  • CVD Blanks for Wire Drawing Dies: Pure diamond with polycrystalline structure, with high hardness, wear resistance, thermal stability and high drawing finish. Can be used for copper, aluminum, stainless steel, tungsten, molybdenum and all kinds of alloy wire drawing.
  • CVD dressing tool blank: Pure diamond with polycrystalline structure, no hard or soft surface, and not easy to break, with high hardness, wear resistance and thermal stability. Used for making single point diamond pen, multi-point grinding wheel dresser, dressing roller, forming knife, etc.
  • CVD tool blank: Polycrystalline structure of pure diamond, no soft hard surface, invulnerability to breakage and has a very high hardness, wear resistance, thermal stability, high machining accuracy, good finish, low coefficient of friction and higher than PCD cutting speed etc., are widely used in the processing of high silicon aluminium alloy, composite material, graphite, ceramics and non-ferrous metal materials, etc.
  • CVD heat sink: High heat dissipation can meet a variety of thermal applications, widely used in the manufacture of laser diode, laser diode array, high-power semiconductor devices, microwave devices and large-scale integrated circuit heat sink.
  • CVD optical sheet: With excellent optical, mechanical and thermal properties, can be used in harsh environment.

Table 1: Comparison of properties of natural diamond and CVD diamond

Material ProjectNatural diamondCVD diamond
Hardness /(GP)10070-100
Density /(g/cm3)3.5152.8-3.5
Melting point /°C4000about 4000
Melting point /°C1.04x10121.04x1012
Young's modulus /GPa12001050
Thermal shock coefficient /(W/m)107107
Friction coefficient0.08-0.10.08-0.1
Fracture Toughness MPa.m1/2about 3.41-8
Tensile strength b/Gpaabout 3.00.2-0.4
Thermal expansion coefficient /(X10-6/K)1.0(300K)1.0(300K)

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