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Cubic Boron Nitride Micron Powder


Cubic Boron Nitride Micron Powder

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) micron powder refers to cubic nitride abrasive particles with particle width less than 36/54 micron. It is a kind of cubic nitriding single crystal using a special process method, after grinding, shaping treatment, known as CBN micron powder, with high crystal purity, good thermal stability, good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency. Compared with diamond powder, it has higher thermal stability, impact toughness and wear resistance, and longer service life.

For iron group elements show thermal stability and chemical stability, grinding performance is good, high thermal conductivity insulation material at high temperature.


  • CBN powder, suitable for resin binder, ceramic binder and metal binder, widely used for grinding, polishing black metal; It is also used to produce high quality PCBN polychip and PCBN composite chip.
  • High hardness, wear resistance, good thermal stability. Chemical inertia is second only to diamond, widely used in automobile, aerospace, electromechanical, microelectronics and other industries.

Alfa Chemistry's Products

All of Alfa Chemistry's CBN micro powder products are made of high-quality CBN single crystal as raw materials, using advanced production and processing technology, through crushing, shaping, purification, classification and other processes.

As a kind of superhard abrasive, the CBN powder has been widely used in the processing field of different industries with excellent physical and chemical properties, and has also received great attention from industrialized countries. Alfa Chemistry has rich experience in the manufacture of CBN micro powder, and has improved a variety of high quality CBN micro powder, and can also be customized according to your needs if you need.


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