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Crushed diamond material is a super hard grinding and polishing material that produced by processes of crushing, purification, washing, drying, screening using single crystalline diamond as raw material. The product has irregular crystal shape, rough and sharp surface, and has good economy and grind ability when compared with the original single crystal fine material. After the shaping technology, the edges and corners of crushed diamond material are ground off to form round diamond particles, which is the reshaped diamond material.

Crushed diamond and reshaped diamond are mainly used in the production of resin bond, ceramic bond and metal bond diamond grinding wheel and grinding block, etc.

Crushed and Reshaped Diamond


  • When used as electroplating bond grinding tools, it is mainly used for electroplating diamond mixed file and nesting knife, etc., in which mixed file is mainly used for grinding of hard alloy and nesting knife is mainly used for nesting processing of optical glass and semiconductor silicon wafer.
  • When used as a resin bond grinding tool, it is mainly used for grinding the surface of the outer round mold of hard alloy cutting tool, measuring tool, cone, drilling ball teeth, etc., and slotting, such as resin grinding wheel.
  • When used as ceramic bond grinding tools, it can well meet the needs of high-precision grinding and high-efficiency grinding of special materials and general materials, and is suitable for numerical control grinding machines and automatic production lines.

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Alfa Chemistry's crushed diamond and reshaped diamond materials are made by high quality single crystal diamond as raw materials through our unique processing and shaping technologies. These products have superior performance and a wide range of applications, please click the link below for further information.

Alfa Chemistry can offer all kinds of high-quality crushed diamonds and reshaped diamonds with a wide range of specifications and size to serve your various demands. If the products you look for are not in our catalog we would be pleased to offer our custom synthesis service. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any requirements.

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