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Construction Industry


Construction Industry

With the development of modern industrial technology, synthetic diamond has long been transformed from artware raw material into an important industrial material. Its unparalleled hardness and wear resistance make it an ideal tool material, and tools made by synthetic diamond are widely used in all walks of life, especially in the construction industry. According to relevant research data, about 60% of tools made of the synthetic diamond are used in the construction industry, and the construction field has become the first major application field of synthetic diamond. The excellent performance of synthetic diamond can greatly improve the construction efficiency. At present, synthetic diamond and its tools have played an increasingly important role in the construction industry, not only showing steady growth in the amount, but also increasing the scope of application. Some specific applications are as follows.


  • Building renovation and reinforcement: Tools made from synthetic diamond, such as diamond drill bits and diamond saw blades, can be used to remould existing buildings, such as wall opening, opening vent hole or wall reinforcement.
  • Surface texture treatment: Diamond tools are widely used in surface leveling and texture processing of highway and airport runway. Many transportation management departments in the world believe that the use of diamond tools can ensure the optimal construction speed and accuracy under the shortest time of traffic stagnation. In addition, diamond tools can be applied to indoor floor texture processing, which can save a lot of time while also give excellent flatness.
  • Stone cutting: Stones such as marble, granite, artificial stone are indispensable materials in the building. However, the stone is hard and brittle and difficult to cut and handle. Diamond wire saw is an environment friendly stone cutting tool which not only can improve the cutting speed, get a clear, smooth, flat cutting surface, but also can correspondingly save and the equipment cost.

Stone cutting

Concrete borehole

  • Concrete borehole: Diamond coring drill becomes the first choice for drilling small and large diameter holes in concrete because of its advantages over traditional percussion drill. It has the advantages of high drilling rate, long life, accurate size, no need to further trimming of the hole, low noise.
  • Decoration: In addition to being made into the corresponding tools in using in construction industry, synthetic diamond can be applied to the manufacture of floor, wall and ceiling decoration materials in the field of construction, which can give these materials higher hardness, scratch resistance and wear resistance, while improving these materials gloss and friction coefficient.
  • Others: Diamond tools can also be widely used in building glass grooving, cutting, chamfering, drilling, edging, grinding, polishing, etc. In addition, diamond micropowder is widely used in the efficient grinding and polishing of terrazzo floor, marble, granite, refractory brick, concrete products and other non-metallic hard and brittle building materials.

Meet Alfa Chemistry

Meet Alfa Chemistry

At Alfa Chemistry, we are committed to providing the highest quality superhard materials and services to meet the needs of the construction industry. We have successfully developed various synthetic diamond products with excellent performance, which provide the best performance for sawing, cutting, grinding, polishing, drilling, tunnel digging, reinforcement in the construction field. With our advanced products and unparalleled expertise, we are confident that we can provide superior diamond solutions for the construction industry and help our customers gain a competitive advantage in the market with higher product performance and lower production costs to achieve their goals.

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