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Coated Cubic Boron Nitride


Coated Cubic Boron Nitride

The coated cubic boron nitride (CBN) is a material that made by coating a specific thickness metal layer on the surface of CBN by means of various methods. Because there is no interface binding force between CBN abrasive and most metals binders, ceramics binders and even resins binders, CBN is easy to fall off and lose from the grinding tool during use, which greatly reduces the processing efficiency and service life of the grinding tool. The surface metal modification of CBN is an important mean to increase the binding force between CBN powder and binders, so coated CBN is widely needed. The metal coating not only increases the bonding strength of CBN and binder, but also makes up for the defects, micro-cracks and micro-holes inside the abrasive, improving the particle strength of the abrasive, and thus improving the machining performance of the abrasive tool, and finally achieving the purpose of improving the working efficiency and service life of the CBN tool.

Synthesis and Classification

Coated CBN can be obtained by chemical plating technology, electroplating technology, vacuum plating technology and vacuum micro-evaporation plating technology.

  • Chemical plating technology: The method is to deposit metal on the surface of CBN by an oxidation-reduction reaction in an autocatalytic process in the absence of electric current.
  • Electroplating technology: The method uses electrochemical methods to deposit a layer of metal on the surface of the CBN.
  • Vacuum plating technology: The method is to vaporize the metal into atoms, molecules or ions and then directly deposited it on the surface of the CBN under high vacuum conditions, or to introduce the metal gaseous compounds (such as halides) into the reaction chamber with CBN, and then formed metal coating by thermal decomposition or chemical synthesis.
  • Vacuum micro-evaporation plating technology: The method mainly plates the transition group elements of Ti, Cr, W, Mn and V on the surface of CBN.

Using the above methods, various metals such as nickel, titanium, copper, cobalt, chromium, tungsten, molybdenum can be plated on the surface of CBN to form the corresponding coated CBN. The common types of coated CBN mainly include nickel coated CBN , titanium coated CBN, copper coated CBN and nickel-titanium composite coated CBN.

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