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CBN with Other Coatings


CBN with Other Coatings

CBN with Other Coatings

In addition to nickel coated CBN, titanium coated CBN, copper coated CBN, and composite coated CBN, Alfa Chemistry can adopt physical vapor deposition (PVD) to coat all our CBN range with the following coatings: titanium carbide, titanium nitride, titanium carbo nitride, silicon carbide, chrome nickel, chromium carbide, zirconium, aluminium, and aluminium nitride, depending on the demand of our customer requirements.
*PVD is a process used to produce a metal vapour that can be deposited on materials as a thin, highly adhered pure metal or alloy coating.

Product Parameters

Increment in weightTraditionally 0.5% to 3%.
Different thickness of coating can be coated according to your requirements.
Available sizesAvailable from 16/18 mesh down to 10 micron.
CharacteristicThese coatings are aimed to assist the chemical bonding of metal bond and CBN particles.
Product Parameters

Alfa Chemistry is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of CBN, and we provide high-quality CBN that can be coated with various coatings. Our proven and stable PVD process ensures a dense and uniform coating and precisely controls the coating thickness and metal increment weight. Our unique abrasive surface purification pretreatment process makes the binding force of CBN and coating stronger. In addition, CBN can be coated to any percentage, as required by the client. Thus, please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any need.

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