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The most important function of catalyst in synthetic diamond is to reduce the reaction activation energy, and at the same time, it also has a decisive influence on the quality, yield, particle size, transparency and color of diamond. It is the participation of catalyst powder that makes synthetic diamond can be produced in large quantities. With years of research and development of catalyst powder, the catalyst product of Alfa Chemistry has been steadily improved quality, and the product category has been constantly increased and improved.

Parameters Chart

Main componentSFeNiCo
Product feature1. Oxygen content: 0.3 -0.5%,
2. Bulk density: 3.4 -4.0 g/cm³,
3. Median diameter of powder (D50): 17-22 μm.
The features of synthesized diamond1. Uniform particle size distribution,
2. Bright yellow color, complete crystal,
3. Low magnetic susceptibility and high D80 ratio.
UsesCan be used for the production of single crystal diamond, large single crystal diamond, metal bond diamond and metal bond dressing diamond series diamond single crystal and others.

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Catalyst Powder

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