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Black Monocrystal CBN


Black Monocrystal CBN

  • SCBN-6: Black monocrystal, irregular, medium strength. Mainly used for resin bond grinding wheel, electroplating and ceramic bond tools, etc., with strong self-sharpening ability.
  • SCBN-7: Black monocrystal, regular shape, high strength, mainly used for metal, ceramic and electroplating tools.
  • SCBN-8: Black, opaque single crystal, irregular crystal shape, brittle. Suitable for ceramic bonding and other ferrous metal materials and alloys.
  • SCBN-9: Black monocrystal, regular shape, high strength and high thermal stability. Mainly used for metal, ceramic and electroplating tools.
  • SCBN-10: Bright black, opaque single crystal, crystal shape more complete regular, with high toughness, thermal stability. Suitable for ceramic, electroplating, metal bond made of tools, grinding wheel, etc. The product has a longer life, suitable for processing black materials and metals.
  • SCBN-11: Black crystal, a combination of regular and irregular crystal shape, medium strength, high grinding efficiency. Mainly used in resin bond and ceramic bond tools, automotive and aviation applications.
  • SCBN-12: Black crystal, similar to block crystal, high strength, good thermal stability, can extend tool life, increase grinding efficiency. Mainly used for ceramic bond and metal bond tools.
  • SCBN-13: Black crystal, irregular with acute angle, good self-sharpening. Mainly used for resin bond tools, and low temperature grinding, such as grinding wheels.
  • SCBN-14: Bright black single crystal, irregular shape, high strength, good thermal stability, commonly used in gold bonds and metal bond instruments.



As a professional supplier of monocrystal CBN, Alfa Chemistry provides you with the above high-quality CBN products, and can also be customized according to your needs if you need.

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