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Black Brown Monocrystal CBN


Black Brown Monocrystal CBN

  • SCBN-15: Black brown crystal, regular shape, high strength and good transparency, good thermal stability. Mainly used for metal bonding agents and electroplating tools.
  • SCBN-16: Black-brown crystal, high strength, irregular shape, tough, high thermal stability.
  • SCBN-17: Brown, transparent and other product of single crystal, crystal is more complete and regular, with high toughness, crystal sharp and sharp, superior tetrahedral shape. Suitable for harsh conditions of ceramic bond abrasive tools, tools, grinding wheels.
  • SCBN-18: Black-brown irregular crystal, medium strength, good thermal stability. Widely used in resin bond, ceramic bond and metal bond tools.
  • SCBN-19: Gray microcrystalline product, with mini crystal and tiny crushed characters, very high strength, toughness and great thermal stability. Usually used for metal bond tools.



As a professional supplier of monocrystal CBN, Alfa Chemistry provides you with the above high-quality CBN products, and can also be customized according to your needs if you need.

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