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Amber Monocrystal CBN


Amber Monocrystal CBN

  • SCBN-3: Amber monocrystal, irregularly shaped with good transparency and moderate strength, are commonly used in electrified systems and electroplating tools, such as abrasion tools and grinding wheels.
  • SCBN-4: Transparent amber monocrystal, regular shape, high strength.Suitable for metal, vitrified bond, electroplating tools and grinding wheel, grinding wheel, which have long service life, suitable for grinding metal and alloy.
  • SCBN-5: Amber monocrystal, with regular shape, good transparency and moderate strength, commonly used for single matting and plating tools.



As a professional supplier of monocrystal CBN, Alfa Chemistry provides you with the above high-quality CBN products, and can also be customized according to your needs if you need.

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