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Aerospace & Automobile Industry


Aerospace and Automobile Industry

The high-strength and tough metal materials represented by titanium alloy, nickel-based superalloy, intermetallic compounds and high-strength steel have the advantages of high specific strength, high specific stiffness and excellent high temperature mechanical properties, and are widely used in the key core components in the aerospace field. In addition, with the continuous improvement of the takeoff weight and endurance distance requirements of aircraft, the requirements of high strength and low specific gravity of structural materials are constantly strengthened. Materials such as carbon fiber composites are favored due to their good properties in this regard. However, these materials are typical hard-to-process materials with high-strength and tough. Automotive industry has the similarities with aerospace industry. The automotive body and key parts are mostly made of metal steel plate, cast iron and other heavy metal materials as well as aluminum, magnesium, titanium and other light metals and their alloy materials. Cutting of these materials has long been a major problem for the automotive industry. In recent years, with the development and progress of science and technology, the performance of superhard materials has been greatly improved. The tools made by superhard materials as raw materials have shown great potential in the cutting and grinding of hard-to-process materials, as well as metals and their alloys, and have been widely used in the aerospace and automotive industries. In addition, superhard materials have also shown some other valuable applications in this fields.


  • Aerospace industry: Diamond tools have a good application prospect in the field of aerospace. At present, diamond tools have been successfully used in titanium alloy, superalloy, carbon fiber composite and other novel hard-to-process materials, showing good performance in processing accuracy and material surface integrity. At present, the relevant tools have passed the relevant certification and have been successfully used in Boeing and Airbus. In addition, it is reported that diamond tools have great application potential in aviation airborne equipment (navigation systems, radar systems, mechanical control systems, etc.), engines, wings, skeletons, fuselage, skin and other aspects. It should also be mentioned here that nanodiamonds can be used as coating materials in the aerospace industry to improve the mechanical and thermal properties of components. Moreover, nanodiamonds have been shown to excellent radiation shielding properties due to their high density and atomic composition. By incorporating nanodiamonds into shielding materials, the effectiveness of radiation protection systems in the aerospace and satellite industries can be improved.

Aerospace industry

Automobile industry

  • Automobile industry: Superhard materials have been widely used in precision machining in the automotive industry, and the processing technology is mature. For examples, cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheel is widely used in ultra-high speed grinding of automotive engine piston, cylinder block, cylinder head, automotive hub, transmission gear, housing, crankshaft and camshaft and other. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) superhard tools have been used in high-speed milling of automotive engine piston, cylinder block, cylinder head and automotive hub parts. The precision machining of valve seat ring, brake disc and engine block cylinder head by using polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) tools has also made great progress.

Meet Alfa Chemistry

Meet Alfa Chemistry

At Alfa Chemistry, we are committed to providing the highest quality superhard materials and services to meet the needs of aerospace & automobile industry. We have successfully developed various superhard products including single crystalline diamond, PCD, diamond micron powder, resin bond diamond, nanodiamond, CBN, PCBN, CBN micron powder and many others. These products and the tools made by them have great application potential in the aerospace & automobile industries and are suitable for the various processing process of metals, alloys and hard-to-process materials. With our advanced products and unparalleled expertise, we are confident that we can provide superior diamond products solution for the hard-to-process materials industry and help our customers gain a competitive advantage in the market with higher product performance and lower production costs to achieve their goals.

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